Sezibwa Falls

Sezibwa Falls

The Ssezibwa Falls are on the Ssezibwa River. Ssezibwa River flows from the wetlands between L. Victoria and L. Kyoga, West of Victoria Nile in Buikwe District northwards through Mukono District into Lake Kyoga in Kayunga District.
The falls are about seven meters high and with the sweet hissing sound created by the falling water forms beautiful scenery. This is complemented by the natural vegetation cover and the undulating and steep rocks over which the waters fall. The site has several bird species which present a wonderful opportunity for bird watching. The site presents several tourist activities such as bird watching, camping, rock climbing, nature walks, hiking, canoeing, The Ssezibwa Falls are approximately 32 km east of Kampala city in Mukono District.

The falls have cultural and traditional bearing in the region and to the Baganda in particular due the myths behind the formation of the Ssezibwa River. It is believed that this river, together with another called Bwanda was born of a Woman on her way to place called Kavuma Bukunja. It is because of this that it is a reserved Buganda Heritage Site.

Rock climbing

Big sharp rocks span accross the falls to form a sort of cliff. These are quite challenging to hike around, but it only gets exciting with all the great views from the top and some wildlife encounters such as skinks, lizards & sometimes snake subbathing especially on hot days. 
For experienced swimmers, theres no better thrill than jumping from the rocks and plunging into the cool whirlpool.

Cultural Experience

Sezibwa Falls is a Buganda Heritage Site that preserves an important ancient culture that is now rare after introduction of foreign religions. Visit the shrines and learn about the interesting traditional religion of the Baganda people and the ancient spirits that are believed to have created the Sezibwa Falls. At the shrines you encounter items used in traditional worship such as coffee beans, spears, cowrie shells, bark cloth, calabashes, and pots, items that were used by the ancestors. Spirits are associated with ancestors hence traditionalists believe in using these ancient items to connect with the gods/spirits. You could also find traditionalists worshiping and offering sacrifices to Sezibwa and other gods.

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